Why Taylor High School in Austin is the first high school in Texas to accept transgender students

Taylor High, Texas ( TechRadars ) — This is the second high school to accept trans students at the school, after Austin’s Tarrant County Unified School District was one of the first to do so.

Taylor High School was one year removed from accepting transgender students, but that hasn’t stopped its teachers from embracing the issue.

“I’ve seen some amazing teachers and students come forward and share their stories and experiences,” said senior Stephanie DeAngelo, who is trans and a transgender woman.

“We want to be able to serve them as well as we can.”

DeAngelo said she feels confident that the school’s policies will allow transgender students to access the resources and help they need.

“The first step is being able to be out, but the most important step is getting on the right side of the law,” she said.

The school district has been working on its transgender policies since December, when they were first announced.

Transgender students in Texas are currently able to use the girls restroom, and teachers are allowed to make accommodations based on the student’s gender identity, which can include changing their locker room and changing their clothes.

DeAngelo, a freshman, says she believes the district is making progress.

“We’ve been working with our leadership, and we’ve been trying to get our policy changed in a way that’s consistent with our students,” she told TechRadaru.

“I think it’s a good step forward, but it’s definitely not perfect yet.”

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