Why Cleveland’s high school football teams have no qualms about wearing nude photos to games

In the aftermath of a report that a Cleveland high school team had sexually harassed players and staff, the school district has now announced that the football team will no longer wear shirts with pictures of nude women to games.

The move follows a complaint by a member of the student body about a number of photos of female students on the school’s uniforms and locker room walls, as well as the team’s use of a picture of a nude high school student on a shirt.

The team will be required to remove the images, the district said in a statement released by a spokesman on Wednesday.

“This was never the intent of the shirts, nor is it something that we take seriously,” the school said.

“It was not the intent to harm anyone, and it is not something that the school takes seriously at all.

We understand that some may have felt uncomfortable about the use of photos in our uniforms, and we have since taken steps to remove them.”

The school district did not provide any further details about the resolution of the complaint.

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