Which one is your favourite high school?

A new poll from FourFour Two shows that there are many different opinions about which high school you should be attending.

While a majority of respondents were happy with the quality of their schools, a whopping 75 per cent of respondents also feel that the majority of students are lazy, disrespectful and don’t really learn much.

“There’s something a bit depressing about the state of our schools,” one respondent said.

“You’d think with the amount of money we’re spending, we could get a bit of a kick out of the quality,” another added.

“But, if you’re going to go to high school for the money, you might as well go to school for what you can get out of it,” said a third.

A poll of 5,000 students across the country also found that a majority are happy with their school and think it is doing well, but a few respondents said they would be interested in going elsewhere.

“I’d like to go somewhere where I wouldn’t have to pay for it, but I’d like the chance to go a different way,” said one respondent.

“What’s the difference between being a good student and being a bad student?” asked another.

“It’s a matter of what you feel comfortable with,” a fourth said.

One of the questions the survey asked asked was “Would you go to a school that doesn’t provide a good education or a school with a bad education?”.

The answers came in on both sides, with 52 per cent saying they would not want to attend a school where they were not going to learn anything.

Another poll of 1,000 high school students across Australia found that 61 per cent thought the schools they attended were “very good”.

The majority of those surveyed also felt that the quality and value of their school is good.

The survey found that only a quarter of respondents believed that the schools in their area are “well run”.

The poll also found students were more likely to say they would rather spend money on their own education than spend money to attend an educational institution.

The Australian Education Union said the results of the poll showed that Australians have “finally decided” they are no longer interested in attending the school of their choice.

“While many parents will not be swayed by this poll, there is clear evidence to suggest that a growing number of Australians have decided they will not go to the school they choose,” said AEU President Michael Gough.

“The fact that almost half of respondents said that they would prefer to be able to choose their own school suggests that Australians are now far more open to the idea of schools being flexible.”

“While it may not be the most popular option in some communities, the reality is that people want to be educated in their own way, rather than going to a different school, and we need to get Australians to realise this is a reality,” he said.

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