Which is which: The coronado High School vs. Liberty High School

The debate over who owns which school will rage in the courts until the end of the year, and for the next two years.

Liberty High School is the school that was chosen to build the $10.5-million facility in downtown Orlando that will eventually house more than 1,400 students.

The other school is Coronado High, which is owned by the county.

The debate has been simmering for decades.

Coronado’s trustees say they want to create a school for all.

They say they have no interest in selling Coronados High School, which has been vacant for over 20 years.

Corona’s trustees want to open the facility for a variety of uses, from day care to a sports stadium to a museum and more.

Coroner’s spokesman Jim Schmid says the coronado district has no plan to sell Coronades High School.

He says the district is reviewing the possibility of selling CoroLands, the site of Coronadas High School that was closed in 2010.

The Coronadoes have asked the Orlando Sentinel to stop using the Coronanes name in its reporting.

They also want it removed from the site.

They want the site designated a public park.

The Sentinel has not published any information on the Coroner’s plans to sell the site, which includes about 500 acres of property.

The newspaper’s newsroom is in Coronadas home, and there is a parking lot there for Coronaders vehicles.

The newspaper says the Coronet’s board is considering selling the site to someone else, including a potential developer.

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