When Will The President Announce His Decision to Pull Out of NAFTA?

President Donald Trump has said he plans to withdraw the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement, and will soon announce whether he will accept the results of a U.S. election.

On Monday, Trump told reporters at the White House that he is “not going to be bound by the outcome of the election.”

A number of other world leaders have said the president should not be bound to his election results, and that he should leave the TPP negotiations alone.

Trump also has signaled that he may be willing to renegotiate the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s trade rules with Europe and the United Kingdom, but that he will not be ready to accept the outcome.

Trump’s announcement comes after a week in which the Trump administration is being criticized by members of Congress, businesses, and the media for its handling of the trade crisis.

In addition, the White Houses approval rating has plunged to a record low.

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