When was the last time you saw a high school game?

Posted by SportItalia on Saturday, January 06, 2019 08:49:14The last time we saw the first half of a football game was in the 1950s, as the last game of the 1954-55 season, at Cardozo High School in Cardozo, New York.

That was the year the Cardinals’ team took down the defending champions, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and the game was broadcast live on local TV.

However, when the games resumed at the Piazza di Roma, on a rainy night in June, 1959, the game would go on to be the last match on the season.

There were also three games in the 1960s when the Cardinals played the teams that would be playing the following season, but the game had to be stopped early due to the typhoon of that time.

It was a time when football could not only be seen in Europe, but also in America, with the United States hosting its own games, the Super Bowl in 1970.

There was also the 1968 World Cup in which the US faced off against France, and that was followed by a two-year period in which America faced off with England.

And, of course, there was the 1996 World Cup, which the Americans won 3-1.

The last game between the two sides was a 1-1 draw in the 1994 World Cup. 

The game between USA and Italy was held at Piazzale di San Pietro on May 16, 2019, and it was the first game in the history of the game to be played in a public stadium, as it had to meet conditions set by the Italian Football Federation (FIS).

The game was played on grass and in the middle of the pitch. 

It was played as part of the “Piazza Di San Pietros”, the “San Pietro Dome”, which was opened in 1963 and was the venue for the 1958 and 1961 World Cups. 

However, in 1966, the PIA was closed to the public due to a flood. 

In the early years, the stadium was used for a number of events, such as football and tennis matches, as well as concerts, football and softball games. 

But the last games were played on artificial turf, which meant that the fans were not able to sit in the seats.

The final game was also a one-off affair, as Italy lost to the USA 3-2 in the opening match. 

That match was played in the Piacenza stadium, which was built on a pitch that had been dug up by the FIS to create a new football pitch, with a new roof.

It had to play in the rain for a total of 18 hours, as temperatures in Italy were in the low to mid 30s Celsius.

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