When it comes to winning high school sports, Seattle high school wins again

Seattle high schools and their high school teams continue to have a lot to celebrate this year, as the 2017 Seattle high team is back for another year.

In 2017, Seattle High School became the first high school to win the Division II national championship and the first Seattle high to win a state title.

This past summer, the team captured the state title in the state playoffs.

The school also earned the second-best record in the city’s history.

While the Seattle high football team was a success last year, it was not enough to earn a spot on the 2017 Olympic team.

Last year, Seattle State High School earned the first place in the Seattle state championship and went on to win an NCAA regional title.

The school has a strong tradition in sports and was the only high school in the region to earn the state championship.

As the 2017 season began, many Seattle high players were feeling the pressure to win.

For one year, there was little expectation that the Seahawks would have a high school team as good as this year’s.

“We did what we needed to do to make it,” said Seattle High coach Kevin Miller.

“It was not just a year of playing together.

It was a year to work together, to be able to put everything on the line, to work hard, and to come back as a team.

I’m proud of what we accomplished.

We accomplished the goals we set for ourselves, and it was awesome.”

The team is set to face its first NCAA regional final this Saturday when it takes on Southern Washington University in Spokane, Washington.

Seattle High is the only school in Washington to have three state titles in the past five years.

The Seahawks are coming off an upset of the Washington State Cougars in the semifinals of the state tournament.

They beat the Cougars, 37-14, in overtime, but the win came in a season where they lost all five games.

A big part of this year was the fact that the team had a number of injuries.

The high school football team played in six games this season and had to take time off after the end of the season to recover.

The team was able to return to action with two more games before the NCAA tournament.

This year, the Seahawks are looking to improve on last year’s performance.

Seattle High is aiming to win its first state championship since the 2007 season and make the NCAA semifinals for the first time in school history.

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