When it comes to graduation, you may not have to go to high school to earn your diploma

Beverly High School graduates are being taught a valuable lesson in how to graduate from high school.

Beaverly High was recently ranked as the nation’s best high school for graduation by U.S. News and World Report.

The school’s graduation rate of 86 percent ranked third among public high schools nationwide, with more than 30 percent of students graduating with a degree, according to the study.

“I feel like it’s been a privilege to get to work with these incredible students who have done such a remarkable job,” Beverville Principal John Stowe said.

“The students who are here to learn are really great and they’re always going to have a smile on their face.”

Beaverville High School students in their graduation ceremony.

(AP Photo/Natalie Poggi)Beaverbridge High School has a graduation rate that was even higher than Beverbridge’s, at 97.7 percent.

That school’s success is due in large part to its high percentage of students with a bachelor’s degree, the highest percentage in the nation.

“That means that our students who were here with us to learn in high school have a chance to go on to college,” Stowe added.

“It means we have a pathway for them to succeed,” Beamerville High Principal Scott Stowe also said.

“We’re really excited that they’re graduating with degrees that we think will be of value in the future.”

Beverly’s graduation rates have also been higher than many other schools in the state.

In 2014, the school had a graduation rates of 92.2 percent, according, with 10 percent of its students graduating as well.

In 2015, Beverbrook had a similar graduation rate at 92.4 percent, with 7.2% of students completing their degree.

In 2018, Beaverbrook had 92.6 percent of graduating students earning a bachelor degree.

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