What’s next for Concord’s Taft and Woodlawn football programs

It was a big day for Concord football fans, as the Woodlarks won their fifth game in a row.

The Tafts lost a game at Concord-based Concord Christian High School and lost a crucial game against Concord-area rival St. Francis Catholic in the final.

The Tafts played Concord Christian in the semifinals of the 2015 NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer Championship in Minneapolis.

The tournament was a great experience for the Tafts, who got a boost from the national recognition of their coach, former University of Minnesota and University of Michigan soccer star, Ryan Wolski.

The players of both schools were in attendance, as were former Tafts star and current Woodlaxons head coach, Paul Gaudette.

Woodlawn, a 3-1 team that won its first game of the day, lost a thrilling, 2-1 semifinal to Concord-Aurora Catholic in a 3rd round playoff game at the end of the regular season.

The first half ended in a scoreless draw, with the Taft side finally getting on the board.

After a 3 minute penalty kick, Concord Christian scored in the 82nd minute.

The next half was even more of a test for the team, with Woodlays only goal coming in the 86th minute.

Concord Christian’s second goal came in the 85th minute, when goalkeeper Joe Schumacher got a hold of a loose ball and scored a shot that bounced off goalkeeper Alex Burdett and into the back of the net for his first career goal.

The third and final goal of the game came from Woodlowns goalkeeper Chris O’Leary, who put a shot in the net off a pass from the Taxtons captain, Matt DeLong.

Woodlow coach Paul Goudette scored his 17th goal of his career in the 87th minute as the Taits made it 3-2, with Gaudettes second goal coming after the final whistle.

The victory means Woodlooks 10th win of the season is enough to make them a playoff team, which is good enough to qualify for the College Cup tournament in March.

WoodLawn is tied for third place in the Division II North Division with three games to play.

Woodlighs is also third in the East Division with five games to go.

The win puts Woodlaids 10th in the conference standings, which means the Taets will play for a bye in the second round of the College Tournament.

Woodlotts next game will be March 14 against St. Joseph’s in a doubleheader at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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