What you need to know about the high-profile student charged over the death of an Indigenous girl in Melbourne

A Melbourne High School student who has been charged over a death of a 16-year-old Indigenous girl at the school has been remanded in custody.

Victorian police have charged 18-year old Michael Goss with murder and six counts of manslaughter.

The girl, known only as Emily, died on March 8 in her family’s caravan park in the Melbourne suburb of Hazelwood.

Police say Goss took the girl’s body and then drove it to a remote area of the state to be buried.

Mr Goss is due to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Victoria Police said it had received “multiple tips” about a missing Indigenous girl, but there was no evidence to suggest that the teenager was in any danger.

It’s understood the girl was in a caravan park with her parents on March 5.

Victoria Police said the caravan park where the teen’s body was found was closed to the public.

A spokesman for Victoria Police says the teenager’s family had received multiple tips, but had no information to suggest she was in danger.

“We have received multiple phone calls and text messages from members of the community concerned about a potential missing Indigenous woman in Victoria, and have no indication of a threat to her safety,” he said.

“We are aware of the caravan parks location and have advised the family that they should be cautious in their travel activities.”

The teen’s parents, who were not in court, were unavailable for comment.

Melbourne Police said on Tuesday the family were contacted by a concerned member of the public who had noticed a car parked in the caravanpark with a large piece of debris attached to the front.

He then contacted police.

After the car was towed, the vehicle was identified by police and taken to a storage site, where it was stored until police found it on March 10.

Officers said the car’s tag had been removed from the back of the car and the remains of a piece of broken glass were also found.

At the time of the woman’s death, the teenager had just finished her first year of high school.

She was a student at the prestigious Gouge Hall School in Melbourne’s north.

ABC News’ Victoria News and ABC News Online contributed to this report.

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