What you need to know about a high school student who got arrested in an altercation

Allatoona High School students are a little known group of kids who get caught up in an ongoing political debate.

This week, the high school was rocked when it emerged that a student from the school, Adam Besser, was arrested on Wednesday on charges of assaulting a police officer.

Adam Bresser is a student at Allatoonas high school and is a senior at the school.

He has been suspended and is expected to appear in court on March 25.

The incident took place on March 17.

The arrest of Adam BESSER Adam B. Bessers suspension Adam Bessener, Adam’s father, said Adam was suspended from Allatoonam high school after an altercation on March 18 with an unnamed police officer on the campus of the high schools.

Adam was accused of assaulting the officer.

He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

“We are all outraged, and our heart goes out to the officer and the student,” Adam Bessoner said.

Adam’s suspension Adam is a freshman at Alltonam High School, and the school has since removed him from the premises.

The police officer involved in the incident was also suspended.

“Adam is a valued student and member of the Allatoonan community,” Alltona High principal Sarah Jones told Business Insider.

“As a result of this, Adam was removed from school and will be transferred to another school.”

Police say they did not find any weapons Adam was carrying when he was arrested Adam Busser’s father Adam told Business Insiders that he was “very upset”.

“He was upset that someone would be so irresponsible with their own body,” Adam said.

The high school has a history of political activism, and a high profile case came up recently when Adam was arrested for protesting the death of his mother, Angela Bessermans.

Adam said that when the incident occurred, he and his classmates were protesting the police response to the protests against the killing of Tamir Rice.

He said that he had attended the protest with a group of other students, and they were not involved in any violence.

“It’s a little surreal.

We were there protesting because we had been informed that Tamir’s death was a result in part of the Ferguson, Missouri police brutality, and we had our hands up, and then they just turned and shot him in the back,” Adam explained.

Adam says that the protests were peaceful Adam said his classmates had been protesting the killing in the wake of Tamier Rice’s death, and that he and other students had taken to the streets of the town of Allatoon to protest the case against him.

The officer involved Adam was the only person shot in the altercation.

Police say that they are investigating the incident, but did not reveal any details.

Adam has not commented on his father’s arrest.

“I’m not going to comment on it,” Adam told the BBC.

“All of that has been made public, so I’m not really going to talk about it,” he added.

Adam is an assistant professor at the University of Alberta.

His Twitter account, @allatoonashigh, is now inactive.

He also has a Facebook page.

Adam told The BBC that he feels like a “big idiot”.

“My first reaction is ‘Oh my God, I’m going to get shot for this’,” he said.

“Then I thought ‘This is stupid, I know this is stupid’.” He added that he is still a student, but that he has not been able to take classes.

Adam described the arrest as “unfortunate” and said that his son had been suspended from the high-school for a year.

Adam also said that Adam would not be attending any school events until his father has been found.

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