What we know about the Douglas High School shooting

Douglas High, a small city in northwest Ohio, has had one high school shooter since 1994.

The shooting happened on December 10, 1994, just hours before Christmas, when a student shot and killed three classmates before killing himself.

That student, Darryl Lovejoy, was a member of the Douglas Township High School basketball team, which had just won the national championship.

Lovejoy, 20, had been in the United States illegally since 2005.

He was deported to Mexico four times.

Darryl is the second Douglas High student to kill in a school shooting.

The first was 20-year-old Daniel A. Moore, who shot and wounded a student in the head on December 8, 1995.

He had been deported twice.

Darrell and Darryls father, George Jones, said they have talked with the FBI about his son’s future and that they would consider moving to a different state if he were released.

“If he is going to be released, we need to be in the state of Ohio,” George Jones said.

He added that he would like to see DarryL sent back to his native country.

He said he and his family plan to move to the United Kingdom, where he would be safer.

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