What the schools have in common: ‘This is not just a game’

With an estimated 6,000 students enrolled in a handful of elite colleges, it’s a daunting task for schools like Westfield.

It’s not just an “average” school, it has a unique set of expectations and is known for its academics.

“It’s an unusual setting,” said Chris Johnson, the school’s vice-president of admissions.

“You’re surrounded by other elite schools, which is unusual, but we’ve got a very tight knit group of students, and there are very few who don’t have some kind of competitive advantage.”

For example, students with high school diplomas can transfer into the school with the help of a scholarship, which can be up to $25,000.

That’s because Westfield has a competitive admissions process.

Its “competitive admissions committee” works to help out schools that have “strong competitive advantage” over the average, or “super competitive advantage,” Johnson said.

The school’s high school students are the ones who will decide the future of their career and life.

There are currently eight student athletes from Westfield, including a basketball player and two track and field players, Johnson said, adding that students with the right grades and extracurriculars will make it to the college and pursue their dreams.

Westfield’s student athletes compete in various sports, including volleyball, track and cross country, basketball and swimming.

“The students we have are really committed to the sport and we’re very happy to have them here,” Johnson added.

“This is a great place to get their foot in the door, get a feel for our school, get their feet wet in the sports world, and hopefully they’ll stay for a long time.”

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