What happens when Troy High School graduates and their parents finally meet?

High school graduation is a milestone, one that all high school graduates, no matter how high school they went, must get to.

But the event, which typically brings together all of the high schoolers in the same school district, is also an opportunity to learn from one another, to share memories and experiences, and to make a new connection.

But, to celebrate graduation, some high school seniors don’t get to attend it.

They go to a different high school.

And they don’t always get the same experience.

For the first time ever, EW has compiled a list of the Top 25 High School Graduations That Didn’t Take Place.

(Read more about the Top 15 Highest High School Grades.)1.

Taylor Wilson, Oklahoma State2.

Kaleb Williams, Utah3.

Jordon Breslin, Michigan State4.

Austin Oduya, North Carolina State5.

Alex Deaton, Wisconsin6.

Andrew Kontos, Texas Tech7.

Aaron Murray, Iowa State8.

Jerald Brown, Missouri9.

Jordan Zemmer, South Dakota10.

De’Aaron Fox, Texas State11.

Kameron Briscoe, Washington12.

Jordan Wahl, USC13.

Jordan Howard, North Dakota14.

Tyron Johnson, Texas15.

Marcus Murphy, Florida StateWe hope that you enjoyed our list of The Top 25 Highest High Schools Graduations that Didn’t Happen.

Check out EW’s full coverage of the graduation ceremonies for this year, including our interview with the principal at Taylor Wilson High School.

Check out EW.com/High School Graduation for the complete list of high school graduations that didn’t happen.

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