Westfield High School student’s graduation is cancelled due to ‘cancellation of school trip’

Westfield, CA—On Monday, Westfield Community High School principal Michael O’Malley announced that his school would not be awarding a diploma or a high school diploma for JESuit High School graduate Justin Jansen, who was denied a graduation on Monday due to a cancellation of his trip to the school’s summer school program.

“We wanted to give him a very special opportunity,” O’Mally said, “and we didn’t want to give this to someone who has a disability.

We have a disability.”

Jansen, 19, who graduated from Westfield in the spring, was born with a genetic disorder called Dravet Syndrome.

He had received the A.D.F.I.A.C.E.D., which was given to all high school seniors with the highest score in a math or science subject.

The A.C.-certified organization that administers the A-Level test has said that Jansen is eligible for the program because of the high score in his high school science class.

But the decision to deny him a diploma was made without consultation with Jansen’s parents, O’Maally said.

According to O’McMahan, the AICTE, which administers and reviews the A and F-Levels, found that Jensen had received a C in his math class, a B in his science class, and a C on a test that measures his verbal fluency.

He received the D in his reading and writing classes.

In his own words, Jansen spoke of the impact of his disability and the need to give others the same opportunity.

“There is no way that I am going to take the test and give the A or the B,” he said.

“I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

I would like for others to be given a similar opportunity.”

Jensen has said he did not know why his school was cancelling his trip, but he had not spoken with his parents.

The family said he was concerned about his treatment.

“I don’ want to be treated like a criminal because of something I have never done,” he wrote on Twitter.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and I will never be able to explain why.”

According to Jansen , the family was not consulted on the decision, and the decision was made on his behalf by his parents, his school, and his teacher.

The decision to cancel Jansen was made by the AISE in consultation with the school and the school principal, according to the AASD, which oversees the A Level exam.

The AISe, which is the primary authority for the A level exam, has said it is committed to providing students with the tools to succeed and is not bound by any recommendations or recommendations from the AICS.

The parent of a student who took the test was not notified of the cancellation until after it had been finalized, according a letter sent by the parents.

The school’s vice president for student affairs, David Lassiter, said that the school would continue to provide Jansen with an opportunity to complete the program, and that it was not a “trivial decision.”

Janes’ family has also launched a website, JESuitsHighSchool.com, which has raised more than $30,000 in donations and has been downloaded more than 4,500 times.

A GoFundMe page has raised over $3,000.

The parents have been contacting other students who attended Westfield’s summer camp with questions and have been reaching out to parents who attended other schools, including the University of Illinois.

A number of students at Westfield have also reached out to the family and expressed support, according the family.

“The entire Westfield community is hurting right now,” Jansen said.

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