The sexiest high school in the country

Jefferson High School in Kansas is the sexiest school in Kansas.

It has been dubbed the “sexiest high-school in the world.”

That is according to the New York Times.

Jefferson has more than 2,400 students, and according to their ranking of the highest-ranked high schools in the United States, it is the fourth-most-popular high school for the first time in the Times’ records.

Jeffersons principal is also the son of former President Bill Clinton, and its student body is nearly 40 percent African American.

Jeffesons graduation rate is higher than the national average, and the school’s student body has an average SAT score of 965.

The school also has a high percentage of African Americans and Native Americans.

Jefferys graduation rate was highest in 2016.

In 2019, the school was one of four top-ranked schools in a CNN Money study of the top 25 high schools nationwide.

The Times said the school is known for its liberal environment, with a liberal curriculum, and a small student body.

Its main campus is on a stretch of land where people can easily walk to a grocery store.

Jeffersen High School was founded in 1929 by the family of President William Jefferson.

The students are mostly white and mostly middle-class.

Jeffner High School is one of several high schools around the country where black students are disproportionately represented, according to CNN.

In the past year, a high school counselor in Kansas City, Kansas, called on her students to come up with a list of ways to help black students, including a petition, an Instagram campaign and a Facebook page.

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