Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X to receive all-electric powertrain upgrade in the next few years

Tesla Motors is making all-new all-wheel drive vehicles in an effort to make the vehicle more fuel-efficient, with the company also releasing a new version of its all-purpose all-terrain vehicle, the Model X.

Tesla’s new all-wheeled vehicle, a two-seater sedan, will be available in the U.S. for the first time later this year, the company announced Thursday.

It will have a range of between 300 miles and 450 miles and will have up to 8,200 miles of range, Tesla said.

The Model X will have two seats, with a four-door option available.

The all-aluminum and carbon fiber body is made from carbon fiber, which can be stronger than steel and carbon monoxide-proof, the automaker said.

The roof will also feature carbon fiber to create a high-strength, carbon-fiber roof that’s tougher than aluminum.

The front end is made of carbon fiber and carbon-filled glass.

Tesla said the Model S is also expected to have “more power-packed and more spacious” interior.

The all-steel body is lighter than aluminum and weighs about 20 percent less than aluminum, Tesla says.

The Model X has a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of 3,200 pounds.

The company also announced a new vehicle-equipment upgrade that will make the Model 3, which will go on sale later this month, lighter than the Model 4.

The company is also adding a new, high-power electric motor and an electric battery pack that it says can deliver up to 800 miles of continuous range.

The new battery pack, dubbed the Tesla Powerpack, is a lithium ion battery pack with a capacity of 2,500 miles.

The battery pack will be paired with a 6-volt battery pack and can be charged with up to 10,000 volts of power.

Tesla says it will be able to charge a battery pack at the same time as the Model Z or Model X and also make it easier to connect to a wall outlet.

The new upgrade, which has been in the works for some time, comes at a time when the automakers is also making a number of new changes to its vehicles.

The automaker is adding a range extender that it calls a range charger that will allow customers to add a range extension pack to their Tesla vehicles.

In addition, the carmaker is making the Model Y, which it calls the “ultimate electric sedan,” and also the “world’s first all-metal, all-glass, and all-carbon hybrid vehicle.”

Tesla said it will offer a range range extenders for its Model 3 and Model X vehicles in the future.

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