Students at high school ‘loved’ by former school president after video of bullying goes viral

A former high school president has revealed students at his Arlington high school loved his ‘warm and caring’ personality and were “frightened” by bullying, which he said led to his resignation.

Arlington High School president and former high-school student Steve Rogers spoke about bullying at a news conference at the school on Monday.

“My former highschool students loved me.

They loved my warmth and caring,” Mr Rogers said.

His comments come amid mounting pressure on the NSW Government to do more to address the prevalence of bullying at schools.

The high school principal said he wanted to speak about bullying “because I think it’s important”.

“The school is very close to my home,” Mr Barnes said.

“My mother and father are both very well known in the community and they’re both very involved with the school.

We’ve had some issues of bullying and bullying that’s been ongoing for a while and it’s something that I have to address.”

Mr Barnes said he was “very saddened” by the school’s decision to let a video of Mr Rogers’ comments go viral, and he thanked the community for their support.

“It’s a very emotional and emotional moment for the whole community, and we’ll have to move forward,” Mr Barton said.

Read more about bullying: Mr Rogers was in the news last year after he took to social media to defend his actions and called his behaviour “silly”.

“We need to stop talking about it, and stop being afraid to speak up,” Mr Burt said.

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