New Zealand’s first new park for students with autism

NEW ZEALAND — New Zealand’s second-oldest high school has opened its doors for the first time for students in a class with autism, the country’s first.

Lancaster High School was the first new school for students diagnosed with autism to open since 2008.

Students from the school were selected in November for a year of training in the new building.LANCASTER, New Zealand — Lancasters first school for autistic students opened in October.

The new high school is the first of its kind for New Zealand, a country with a population of about 8 million, and was designed to prepare students for a career in teaching.

It will be a “significant change for our community,” said LANCASER principal Michael Gower.

Students will be trained in communication and social skills, social skills and physical education, and a “good start” for their careers, he said.

“It will not only be a learning experience, but it will be an important way of preparing them for life,” Gower said.

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