Man in ‘high school’ who ‘killed girlfriend to get laid’ gets two life sentences

An Adelaide man who killed his girlfriend and then stole her car to get the attention of a sex offender will serve two life terms.

Clarkson, 22, pleaded guilty to murdering 23-year-old Ashley Glynn in February last year.

Glynn was found dead in her family’s backyard.

Her body was later found in a car.

In sentencing, Justice Stephen O’Sullivan said he was satisfied that Clarkson was aware of the seriousness of the crime and the harm it would cause.

“The defendant knew and accepted that he had caused Ashley’s death,” he said.

“Clarksons actions, whether deliberate or accidental, were designed to deprive Ashley of the happiness of having a happy, happy, fulfilling life.”‘

She was the first thing I wanted to get off my chest’Clarks and Glynn had met in high school.

Clacks mother, Linda Glynn, told the court that her daughter had wanted to work in the fashion industry and that he was always interested in her career.

“He was always the first person I wanted him to meet.

She was the only one I knew that he would actually meet,” she said.

Clarkon and Glynns parents were also found guilty of a range of offences including assaulting a police officer, kidnapping, threatening to kill and obstructing a police investigation.

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