How to use Google News on a Mac

Google News is great for a variety of things, but there are some key features that are difficult to configure on the Mac.

So let’s see how to configure these features in a Mac OS X Yosemite setup.

First, let’s start with setting up Google News to run on a separate tab.

Click on Settings, then General, and then News.

From here, you can set up a separate Google News tab.

To do this, click on the Google icon in the upper right corner of the News tab, then select Settings.

From the General tab, choose the “Default” section and set the search engine to “google.”

You’ll need to restart the Mac to do this.

The next section is the “Newsstand” tab, where you can configure the news feed.

To use this, right-click on the Newsstand icon in your News tab and select Show all.

From this, you should see a list of the news sources.

From there, select the “news” section, which should include the following: “Newest news on” (default) News on this page contains the latest news from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other publications.

The Newsstand tab is not displayed when you click on a link.

News from other sites should also be highlighted in the News feed.

“News of interest” (not shown in the above list) News of interest is a section of the new Newsstand that will include stories related to the topic of the day.

This will be updated every few minutes.

When you click a link, it will take you to that story.

“Popular stories” (shown in the top left corner of your News Feed) News related to a popular topic that you can read for free.

When this is selected, a “Popularity” tab will appear, which contains stories from various news outlets.

You can view the most popular stories from the News Feed by clicking on the “Populate” button next to the top of the list.

“Latest stories” in the list of news stories will also be displayed.

“Top stories” will show the top stories on a topic.

When viewing the most recent news stories, you will see a section titled “Latest News”.

Clicking on the news section will open up a window where you’ll be able to edit your content.

You will be able see the most up-to-date information on a news story, as well as any comments or additional information.

You should click on “Edit” to create new stories.

The “Populations” tab allows you to filter your News by the most important stories in the past day.

You’ll be presented with a list, and you can select the most relevant stories.

“Daily” will list the top news stories that you have covered the most recently.

You may click on this tab to see more information about the story.

You won’t be presented a list or searchable history, but you will be presented an overview of the story, which will include the headline, the description, and a link to the story in your news feed for reference.

You have the option to “View history”, which will display the most updated information on the most-recent stories, but also the history of previous news stories.

You also have the ability to “Delete history” to remove stories that have not been read.

You must be logged into your Newsstand account to edit or delete stories.

Finally, click “Next” to add a new story, or click “Delete” to delete all stories.

Now that you’ve set up your Google News, let me show you how to add some interesting new content to the Newsfeed.

To add a link and title to a new article, click the Edit link or the Edit title box in the navigation bar.

Here, you’ll see a dropdown menu that lets you choose what to do.

You choose what you want to show the new article to, but first, you need to change the name of the article.

From right-clicking the article, select “New article,” and then click “Edit.”

The article will open in a new window, where a list will appear.

The new article name will appear as a drop-down menu, and on the right-hand side, you have the title of the page, a space, and an ellipsis.

In this example, we’re showing the new story to the user, so click on Edit title to add the title.

The title will appear in a list with a box for “Edit text,” and the ellipses will appear at the bottom of the box.

Clicking Edit text will take the user to the article’s page, where they can select a different title, edit the text, and save the change.

You need to do one more thing before you can add a headline to the new headline.

Click the Edit button next the title, then click the “Edit link” box.

From next to it, click a space

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