How to tell if your high school is in the highlands

A guide to determining if your school is within the highland is crucial for students and parents who live within the region.

“We are talking about the highlanders who live in the central highlands and the rural and regional areas and who are able to get to school every day,” said Anne-Marie Goggin, the Highlanders’ principal.

“That’s where we really need to be concerned.”

Ms Gogins said the highlander community, which includes most of the highcountry areas in Victoria, is under a unique pressure to educate their children.

“There are a lot of kids that don’t get the opportunity to go to school.

There are a few kids that go to public schools, but they are too young to go into high school,” she said.

Ms Gaggin said highlanders’ school attendance is closely monitored, with the school’s principal and principal of education (CPE) all required to report to the department’s chief education officer each year.

“I would say we’re really close to 60 per cent,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“That’s our lowest level.

I’d say we are around 65 per cent of the total population.”

The department’s CPEs are also required to be in regular contact with the highresidents.

Ms Hutton said the department had to be constantly monitoring the situation and was working to improve the situation.

“Our main focus is on ensuring that schools are providing the very best education possible for our students,” she explained.

“What we are also working on is the implementation of the HSCO (Hastings Community School Centre Plan), which is the new plan for the high plains that was approved by the Highlands Council.”

It’s really important that schools have the opportunity and the resources to do that.

“Ms Houltons new plan will see a number of improvements to the existing HSCOs, including a new central school with a larger and more accessible auditorium, and more staff on the ground.

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