How to talk about your high school graduation with your mom

A mom is not only the most powerful person in your life, but she also has a lot to teach you about what it means to be a good mom.

We caught up with mom of two Leah Pinto and asked her about the challenges and lessons her daughter learned at Chandler High School in Nevada.

Leah is a senior at Chandler and she had just graduated from high school and was headed to college.

She said she had some tough conversations about what her goal was and how she was going to accomplish it.

Her mom said it was tough for her because she wanted to do well academically, but her dad was a very demanding parent.

His parents had different views on what they wanted to achieve academically.

“He didn’t want to see me succeed, but he wanted to see my dad succeed, so I knew what I had to do.

It was a struggle to see him fail,” Leah said.”

But it made me want to be the best mom I could be, because he was my best friend and my role model, and it made the struggle I had with my own mother to a lot easier.”

She said it’s important to know that the mother you love unconditionally and will do anything for you and your kids is not a typical parent.

“I love my mom, I’m so grateful to her, and I’m always grateful to my parents for everything they’ve done for me,” she said.

If you have any questions about being a good parent, ask Leah.

And if you want to learn more about parenting at a young age, check out Leah’s book, “Good Parenting 101.”

Find out more about Leah and her mom on CNN Health.

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