How to save your family from the apocalypse

There’s been a lot of speculation on how to handle the apocalypse, but here are some tips to help prepare for the worst: Stay at home.

If you live in an area with a large number of evacuees, it’s important to avoid leaving your family at home, especially if they have family members who are evacuating from their homes.

For example, if your son or daughter are at school, leave them home until they leave.

If your children are at a nearby school, take them with you.

For the rest of the family, stay at home or go out to a restaurant or coffee shop where you know everyone else is safe.

If they are going to a hospital, they may need to stay at their parents place.

If the evacuation is on the Eastlake High School campus, keep the evacuee at home until the hospital has evacuated the building.

Stay with your friends.

If people are going home, they are generally going to stay with their families.

Stay away from your car and the people you see.

Keep your car parked and off the street.

If there is no road access, get your children in your car.

If an evacuation is happening at your home, you should keep your family in your house, away from any exits and away from doors, windows, and doors.

If possible, have a family member who can go to the school, and let them know that you are staying at home while they are evacuated.

Do not call your friends or neighbors, as that may get you in trouble with authorities.

Get out.

If a disaster does occur, you may be able to avoid getting hit by cars or trucks.

But remember to get out of the way as quickly as possible, because if you do, you are in big trouble.

Get a car.

Stay at least a mile from your home or place of work.

If evacueee’s cars have windows, they should not be parked.

The windows on your car should be locked, and you should not open the car door.

If someone is driving around with a black SUV, be aware that it is a crime scene.

Get as many other people as possible to your car so that you can get away.

Make a list of your possessions, and your phone and keys.

Bring them with your car, so they can be checked later.

Call your local emergency services center.

The American Red Cross has a list, called The Emergency Plan, which contains the list of things you can bring.

There are many resources for people to help you prepare for a disaster, including the National Evacuation Assistance Program.

There is also a website,, which provides information on various emergency planning methods.

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