How to make the perfect popcorn at the parkland high School,Venice High School

Venice High is hosting a popcorn tasting and they are giving away three of the most popular popcorn brands in the world.

The first two winners will receive $20,000 each and the winner will be selected from the grand prize pool.

Venice is located just outside of downtown Venice, California.

The school has about 1,400 students and more than 100 buildings, including a basketball court, library, gymnasium, library carousel, library play area and theater.

The schools main purpose is to provide a strong social, academic and athletic environment for students.

Venices high school is the first high school in the nation to offer its students the opportunity to receive the $20K grand prize and one of the top three popcorn brands.

The high school also hosted a pop-up store for students to purchase popcorn.

Students from Venice’s school, the Parkland High School, were asked to enter the contest via a Facebook post.

“We are so excited to offer this opportunity for our students to win $20k and be a part of the history of the parklands high school,” Parkland Superintendent David H. Davis wrote in the post.

“We are proud to be the first community high school to offer the $200,000 grand prize.

This is the largest school in our community to have such an honor.

We look forward to sharing more details soon.”

The first prize winner will receive a grand prize of $20 million.

The second prize winner receives $15 million and the third winner receives the grand total of $10 million.

The grand prize winner’s entry will also receive the grand entry of a $10,000 gift certificate for Venice College of Letters and Science.

Parkland will also host a free event this Saturday to help the students celebrate their grand prize winnings.

Parking will be available for free to students, faculty and staff and students can purchase popcorn and candy at the store.

The Parkland Community School District was founded in 1974 by the former owner of the Parklands high schools former principal, Mr. Michael K. Williams.

It is located on the grounds of the old Parklands High School.

The new high school will be the sixth high school built in the city and is one of 10 in the district.

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