How to make a new school cheer team: High school cheerleader, cheerleader and her mom, with the help of a former cheerleader

Wakefield High School cheerleaders Jillian and Robert Schoenfeld and their mother, Mary, are excited about their new school, as they get ready to attend their first day of classes in their new home.

Jillian is a high school senior and her mother, the founder of the school, is a cheerleader.

They are both passionate about their job and the high school.

They have been training for years, going to competitions and getting into cheerleading events for the last seven years.

But they’re just about ready to move into their new life at home.

“We’ve been working really hard on our routines for the past seven years,” said Jillian.

“It’s not something that you think about until you actually do it.”

They started the school together as a cheerleading team in their senior year, and Jillian said she was excited to be a part of the new team.

“I love it.

It’s fun to be out there doing the same thing every day, especially in high school,” said Robert.

Jilli and Robert have been doing their best to make their cheerleading dreams a reality.

They started training together as cheerleaders for a school in the Netherlands, where they got to know the other cheerleaders and had a good time.

After a year, they moved to Millennium High School in Rhode Island and started a new cheerleading group.

They also made the transition from cheerleading to cheerleading cheerleading.

Jillians first year of school at Wakefield was her first as a student at Millennia, and the girls are thrilled with the new environment.

“For us, it was an incredible experience,” said Michael.

“Being on a team together, and seeing the other kids around us and learning from each other, it’s a really fun experience.

It was really nice to get to know each other a little bit better and it’s something we are going to be doing for a while.”

Their mother, Jillian, said she is very excited for the new school.

“When we were looking for a place to go, we had this idea of the dorms and the cheerleaders weren’t really going to make it,” said Mary.

“But when we found this place, it is definitely the right place for us.”

They are excited to start their first year at home, and they are looking forward to starting with their first class.

“The cheerleading program is great,” said Rob.

“My only problem is the uniforms are so simple.”

Mary said that they would love to see cheerleaders on their uniforms, and have a chance to compete for a scholarship.

“That’s what we’re looking forward too,” said Sue.

“There is a lot of opportunity for us and we have a lot to learn and a lot for each other.”

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