How to get scholarships from the ‘high school of the future’

A new scholarship program launched by Grant High School is designed to help high school students who have a passion for technology, art, or engineering get scholarships for the coming school year.

The idea for the scholarship program was born out of the fact that Grant’s High School in Oakland, California, had been on the receiving end of a $6.5 million federal grant for the construction of the MacArthur Library.

The MacArthur Library is one of the most prominent examples of high school architecture in the country, and Grant’s students are a part of its legacy.

In addition to a scholarship, Grant students can earn a certificate in STEM, a certificate of completion in STEM education, and an engineering-related certificate.

The school’s students have been featured on ESPN and other national media outlets.

While Grant is known for its STEM students, the school also has a number of STEM-related programs available to its students.

A number of these programs are available through the Grant High Scholarship Program, which is administered through the school.

“It’s really about building a sense of community in Grant,” Grant principal and co-founder of the program, Lisa Czepeda, said in a statement.

“Our students and teachers have the opportunity to interact with students from the tech industry through this program.

It’s about giving kids a sense that this is a place that they can come to and network with other like-minded students, regardless of their technical backgrounds.”

The grant will allow Grant High students to use technology to help make their art, music, and design a reality.

In the case of art, the students will have access to digital fabrication tools to create their art pieces, and they can use the program to learn how to print on the internet.

Art students will also be able to access a curriculum, which will include art classes, lectures, and online workshops.

While Czepseda said that the grant is a “tough pill” for students to swallow, she believes that it is the right way to help students pursue their passion.

“Grant has an amazing number of students, and I think it’s a great way to get people involved in their arts,” Czexeda said.

“When you get these kinds of opportunities, we are really happy about them.

It makes you feel a sense, and it brings you closer to your passion.

We’ve all got a passion.”

The school is currently working on a program to offer students a STEM-specific program as well.

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