How to get more kids into science-and-technology-focused colleges

Loyola University Chicago is making it easier to get your kid into science and technology-focused schools.

In a post to the school’s official blog today, Loyolac President Michael R. McPherson announced that the school is making all new freshmen enrolled in science and tech-focused programs eligible for free tuition.

The move is aimed at attracting students from low-income backgrounds and families who are less likely to enroll in traditional four-year schools, which typically cost more.

McPher, who was also an assistant dean of Loyolas flagship school of law, said the school has worked with the community to develop the program.

The school has already enrolled more than 2,000 students in a program called STEM and Technology, which provides free tuition for freshmen enrolled on an in-state college.

The program is part of L.A. County’s effort to diversify the population of Los Angeles County’s population of students enrolled in STEM and technology programs, according to McPhers blog.

Loyo students are typically between the ages of 16 and 20, with a median age of 24.

The program has a strong track record of success.

In 2015, L.C.A.’s highest-ranking graduating high school student was a Loyolo junior who was admitted to UCLA.

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