How to get into the best schools in Montana

The top school in the southwest high schools is a powerhouse.

The Montanan school that students say has a tradition of excellence is located in Etowah, the town just south of Yellowstone National Park.

The school has won nearly every national competition in the past two decades, including the state championship and three state titles.

But that’s not enough for the students at Etowas high school.

It’s not easy to get a place in the school.

They have to be enrolled, pay tuition and pay for room and board.

Students said they had to pay a large portion of their fees for school even when they were enrolled in the local high school to pay for tuition and board at Etoweah.

They said it made them feel like a second class citizen.

We don’t have a real community here, and the school doesn’t have any, said one student.

They also say they don’t feel like they have any control over where they go to school.

The students have been unable to get in because they can’t afford to pay the tuition.

The students said it’s hard for them to get any support from their parents.

The Montana Board of Education recently announced that it would not be approving applications from Montanans who were eligible for free tuition and who have already paid their fees.

The school also said it would allow only students from Montanan, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming.

Montanan schools are supposed to provide a quality education.

The superintendent says he understands that students have concerns about their experience.

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