How to get a good GPA in your first year at Stratford High School

Stratford, Ohio (AP) – Students who don’t meet high school graduation requirements at Stratfords high school have some advice: Just get a GPA.

That’s the advice of some of Stratford’s top students, including a high school senior who says she got her first GED after completing her freshman year.

The high school sophomore says she’s been an Eagle Scout since she was 16, but after four years of high school she decided to drop out because she couldn’t find work.

Now she’s working as a financial adviser and a counselor.

She says she is grateful for the GED, which she says she earned after taking about 15 hours of SAT and ACT tests.

Stratford High student Brittany Smith says she enrolled in Stratford as a sophomore and got her GED last year.

She said she spent two weeks at a computer lab before she took the SATs and then another week at a test preparation class.

The SATs are a requirement for high school graduates, and many colleges require a GED to be considered.

But students can choose to take a different SAT test or choose to skip one of the ACTs or SATs.

Smith says she was able to get an ACT score of about 500, but a SAT score of 800 was not acceptable.

She added that her ACT scores were below what many other students would get.

“I don’t think they’re all that high,” Smith said.

“I think there’s some of them that are really good.

I just don’t see that as being a high enough GPA to really get me a good grade.”

Smith also says she didn’t get any financial aid from her high school after dropping out of high grade school.

She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration, and she said she never applied for scholarships, but she did receive some scholarship money from the Stratford Area Chamber of Commerce.

She said she hopes to become a teacher.

Smith said she plans to become an elementary school teacher in Stratfield and wants to teach elementary and middle school students.

She is also working toward a master’s degree.

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