How to create a new meme: ‘It’s going to be the end of the world’

In the coming days, we will be talking about a meme that is being used to try and save lives.

That is the meme of the new year and the beginning of the holidays, as people across the world look forward to the New Year’s Eve celebrations in a number of different places across the country.

It is called ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and it is being widely shared on social media and is designed to encourage people to take a stand for the people who have lost loved ones during the past year.

A new trend of this sort of meme started to take shape last year and now, there is a new breed of memes that is designed specifically to create an image of people who are celebrating and the end is nigh.

But what is the purpose of these memes?

How do they work?

And why are they spreading?

In the words of Shailesh Vidyarthi, a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, “A meme is just a collection of words that together give an impression of something or someone in a certain context.”

The word for “meme” in Sanskrit is “aeterna”, which means “in the midst of”.

This means that the words are not static, but they are always being used by different people in different contexts and different times.

A meme is the “image” that someone or something represents.

It tells the audience that something or somebody is about to happen.

“The meme of ‘The end of world is naught’, a meme of sorts, is a very simple concept.

In the context of this meme, we are talking about the end, the end time,” Vidyarti said.

“We can say that the end was nigh when the last of the trees died, the last day was coming and the last candlelight was extinguished.

The end of all things.”

This is a meme which has a lot of similarities with the one that came before.

“The meme has a very similar structure to the one before,” Viyarthi explained.

“You have a symbol, which is the word, which says something to the effect of the end or the end has come.

In this sense, the word ‘new year’ has become synonymous with the end.”

It all started last year when a video of a man wearing a suit was posted on YouTube.

In it, he is seen with his family in front of a tree, and the words “New Year” and “death” are written in black ink on a piece of paper.

The video gained more than 100,000 views and the message, “Death has come to the world”, became popular.

The video has now been shared thousands of times.

“After the viral viral spread, we started noticing the fact that the meme has become very popular in many parts of the country and this is one of the reasons why we started creating a new version,” Vayu Kumar, co-founder of the Delhi-based ‘We Are Change’, said.

The meme was a hit in the cities and cities are where people are going to take to the streets.

“A lot of people have taken to the roads in the hope of creating a meme, a new one, in the name of their families,” Vamyarthi said, adding that the popularity of the meme is being replicated in different parts of India.

A viral phenomenon like this is something that Viyarti says is not new.

“When people started sharing their own memes on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it was not a new phenomenon, it is just that we were seeing it more often.

We started seeing this in the city.

The same people shared their own meme on social networks too.

We noticed this trend and started trying to get involved in this movement.”

In the past few months, social media has seen a lot more attention being paid to the new meme trend, with some popular memes taking the form of video clips of people being filmed walking down the streets, singing and dancing.

“This is just part of a very large trend of people taking to the street and posting their own videos to create viral videos on social channels.

This trend is not something new.

People have been doing this in other parts of our country for a long time,” said Viyarthi.

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