How to be a superhero in Arlington High School

Posted January 08, 2018 09:25:37 When you think of superheroes, you probably think of Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman.

They’re the archetypes that have been created and adapted by millions of people, and that is what Arlington High has to offer, its an all-star team of talented, bright and talented young people.

Arlington High School has a strong tradition of academic excellence.

It has a number of well respected and popular programs for young people, ranging from high school to college.

This year, the school celebrates its 10th anniversary and is pleased to be able to celebrate with the school’s students.

Arvis Adams, an eighth grader, says she is proud to be part of Arlington High’s school year.

“It is a fantastic school, its one of the best in the world.

Its really great.

I just think that we are really good students and we make good friends.

We’re really open to being around each other and we’re just really happy to be here,” she said.

Armed with the right tools, Arlington High can make the most of its student body.

A recent study by the U.S. Department of Education found that the school was one of two in the country with a zero percent drop in student suspensions, arrests and truancy rates.

It was one year later that Arlington High was recognized as a top school for student achievement.

“When I graduated high school I thought I was going to be doing everything, from football to music, and I thought my parents were going to give me a lot of opportunities.

I thought that was a big mistake,” said Adams.

Adams graduated from Arlington High with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, and has been a member of the school football team for four years.

She is currently in the process of applying to her second year of college, but hopes to get an offer soon.

“I would love to go to a big school like Oklahoma and I would love for my parents to let me go to that school and it would be so exciting, because I’m sure they would be able help me a ton.

I think the best thing would be if they could let me be a part of the team.

Its just really cool,” she added.

The school also offers scholarships for students who have a strong GPA and are actively pursuing their education.

Many of the students enrolled at Arlington High are already employed, or in the middle of a job search.

They also come from diverse backgrounds and often do not have a formal education.

For these students, the college experience is a good option.

“The scholarships are great, and they are very competitive.

Its great for people that have a lot to offer.

Its a really nice way to have something to look forward to and I think its really important to be on campus and make sure you are involved,” said Adam.

The Arlington High team is a diverse group of students who all come together to work toward a common goal.

“We are a really supportive group, everyone is in the same place and we try to do good and work really hard.

We work on each other’s behalf,” said Aaron Givens, the senior quarterback.

The football team’s success is an inspiration to the rest of the community, said Dan Schoenbaum, who has been involved in the school since the beginning.

“A lot of the other students, they get a chance to be involved in something and the students that are not involved get to have a better life and maybe be better at something.

Its all part of what makes Arlington High special, its about the students,” he said.

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