High schoolers cheer on Coronado High as they battle cancer

Wakefield High School has reached an agreement with the Coronadans Cancer Society to open a new high school on the same site as the school that was demolished in the 1960s.

The agreement, reached by Wakefield Community Schools with the community, follows a yearlong process in which students at the former Wakefield high and middle schools were invited to submit a bid for the redevelopment.

The decision was made Wednesday morning, as part of a settlement reached last fall after two decades of litigation.

The Wakefield community, along with the nonprofit Coronavista Foundation, have long argued that the Wakefield Memorial High School, which was built in 1924, should be demolished.

The Coronadian Association of High Schools, which represents more than 1,500 schools in the state, and the Wakefields community fought for years over the school’s fate.

The deal reached Tuesday is similar to the one reached in 2015, when the Coroner ruled the school was too small for the community.

The group wanted the school to be demolished, and they hoped to rebuild it as a community college, or community college-like institution.

In addition to the Coronetas bid, which is the equivalent of a $1 million bid, the community is seeking a $200,000 donation from the foundation, which would help pay for the renovations.

The nonprofit Corontadans says the new high will open in 2020.

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