High school students in Northside, Ontario, use Google News app to read about a murder story

Posted June 02, 2018 07:19:08High school students across the Toronto area are using the Google News application to read the latest news from around the world, the school district said.

“The news feed for students in the Northside High School District is loaded with content from news organizations, blogs, blogs and the internet, so students can learn from the top stories of the day,” the North Toronto Public School Board said in a statement on its website.

The app, which is available in Canada and the U.S., allows users to quickly access news from multiple sources and access information from a variety of sources.

The district said it had received more than 50 requests for news on its news feed and about 2,400 requests for information about recent events.

“While some news items are created and shared by schools, most are made available by students themselves and are part of the district’s regular content delivery,” the statement said.

“We have been listening to the feedback we’ve received from our students on the app and we are working on adding new content and other features to make the news more engaging and relevant.”

A spokesperson for the school board said there were a few things that students could do with the app.

“For example, students can create an account on the North Side News app, view the latest updates on the school’s website and follow the latest information about the district and other topics, or browse the district news feeds,” the spokesperson said.

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