Germantown High School’s Stratford High School celebrates its first year in celebration

With the Stratford School of Music celebrating its inaugural year in a new, state-of-the-art facility, the community is coming together for the grand opening of Stratford’s new school on Thursday.

Key points:The Stratford school will open on Thursday, July 17, 2017 at 10amThe school will be open for students from January 2019, but it will be closed on the first Wednesday of the monthThe school was designed by the award-winning architecture firm Kinkade Architects with support from NSW Government, community organisations and private donorsGermantown City Council said it was a “very special day” for the community, with students, parents and community members joining hands in celebration.

“The Stratfords first year is a special day, as we are going to celebrate the first year of Stratfells first school,” Mayor of Germanttown Robyn Caulfield said.

“This is a unique moment for the school and for us all, as the school is about so much more than just music and music education.”

We are excited about the first time students will be able to come and hear the music of our great school, as well as the opportunity to be part of this very special school.”‘

It’s a great school’The StratFords first school opened in 2014, with the community in awe of the building’s design and its potential to make a positive difference.”

There are a lot of things we’re really excited about in the new school and that’s because it’s a really special school,” Ms Caulfields said.

The school is expected to be home to approximately 400 students, with its student intake to be at 50,000.”

It’s going to be a really exciting place for students to come, and they’re going to enjoy being a part of it,” Ms Poulton said.

A range of cultural and sporting activities will take place at the new Stratford high schools new high school on Wednesday, with a food festival planned for Friday.”

I’m really excited to see the community come together and to celebrate this new school that we have in Germantford,” Ms Hutton said.

Ms Poulson said the Stratford school would be a place where students could take part in various cultural activities.”

If you look at the StratFord family, they love music, they’re really passionate about music,” she said.

Mr Caulford said he was “delighted” to see students at the school enjoying their first day of school.”

Students will be coming to the Strat Fords first high school to have a great time and have a good time with their friends and they’ll have some of the greatest music of their lives, as they will be learning music in a unique setting,” he said.

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