Duncanville High school graduates with new logo

Duncanville, NSW — Duncanville’s high school is set to be the first to have its logo changed to reflect its new location in Victoria’s capital.

Duncanville High School principal Tim Pemberton said the school’s students were the first generation of students in the state to be given a new logo.

“We have to be honest and say that we are not a school that we have to change our logo, but we are going to change the logo in the future,” Mr Pemberson said.

“And this is because we believe it’s a great place for our students to grow up.”

Mr Pemberons school, which sits in Duncanville on the north coast, is located on the southern edge of the state and was once part of a community school in Victoria, but moved to Duncanville because of the cost of running the school.

“It was a very small school and the school had to shut down and move to the suburbs,” he said.”[Our logo] is a bit of a tribute to the school that is in the south-east of Victoria.”

Duncan Valley is a very proud town.

We’ve got a proud heritage, we’ve got great heritage.

So we’ve just made the right decision.

“Mr Ritchie said the change had been a long-term process.”

I’ve been doing this for 10 years, and we’ve done this to be consistent with our values and to make sure that we reflect the future of our community,” he told News.au.”

So we’ve taken the right approach to make it consistent with what the community want and what we’re looking for in our future.

“Duncan County Council is also looking at the logo.

Council member Mark Fagerson said he had been approached by Mr Penderson and the council, but said the decision was not finalised.”

The decision’s not going to be made until it’s finalised, and the whole thing is still a long way off,” he explained.”

But we are looking at it very seriously.

“Duncans school logo (via: Duncanville)Duncannes High School is a public high school in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Mr Penderon said the new logo was a culmination of all the work the school and Mr Petherton had done to attract new students and retention.”

If you look at Duncanville and what it has become over the last few years, Duncanville has grown from a very tiny school into an incredibly strong school,” he added.”

A school that’s become more than that in the last couple of years.

“Duncyville’s new logo will also be displayed on a plaque outside the school for a short time.

Mr Ritterson said the plaque was not just about celebrating the school but celebrating the history of Duncanville.”

There’s a bit more to it,” he joked.”

Our school is a symbol of Duncan and Duncanville as a whole.

It’s a place of learning, of community and of community engagement.””

Duncanny has always had a special place in our hearts and it’s just really wonderful that our students are now going to get that opportunity to get on board and have that pride in their school.


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