Chicago high school football star, 14, arrested on felony charge


(AP) A 14-year-old high school basketball player who was arrested last month on felony charges after allegedly attacking a female classmate and leaving her unconscious is scheduled to make a first court appearance Wednesday.

Police say Jordan Smith is accused of attacking and robbing an unnamed female student and leaving the victim with a cut to her head, police said in a news release Monday.

The girl’s family told the Associated Press that the attack occurred at an all-girls school in Lakewood in February.

They said the girl was attacked and kicked by a black male basketball player at the time.

The boy was arrested on the same day and released without charge.

The police report did not specify a motive for the attack.

Lakewood police say Smith was charged with two counts of aggravated battery and one count of aggravated assault in addition to two counts each of criminal trespass and aggravated battery on a person with a deadly weapon.

Police did not immediately return a message seeking comment from the Illinois State Police.

Lakeland High School Principal Kevin Clark told the AP the school has had “a zero-tolerance policy” toward bullying, and Smith was removed from the team and barred from all team activities.

Lakewood High’s website says Smith was on a school suspension for “conduct unbecoming of a high school student.”

Lakewood Police Chief Kevin Clark said Smith was arrested after he allegedly attacked a female student in a Lakewood school parking lot.

Lakeland Police Chief Stephen R. Jones said Smith also faces a charge of aggravated burglary.

Lakefield police Chief Mike Lott said Smith is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Smith has been suspended from Lakeland High’s basketball team and the football team, but was reinstated after he appeared in court, according to Lakeland school officials.

Lakeville School District Superintendent John O’Brien told the Tribune that the school is working with the Lakeland Public Schools and Lakewood police departments to help deal with the situation.

Lakeman High School District spokeswoman Sarah Lott told the Chicago Tribune that Smith was not permitted to be in the district during his suspension.

Lakeman’s principal told the newspaper Smith was in court and that he was arrested when he was released.

Lakelles coach said Smith’s suspension was due to disciplinary issues with his school, but he said the school will be working with law enforcement to address the issue.

Lakeworth police released the following statement:Lakeworth High School football coach Jeff Sauer told WOOD-TV ( ) that Smith’s arrest is not an isolated incident.

He said Smith has been on a suspension for some time, and said he expects to see him back on the field on Monday.

Lakeillas police Chief Joseph Litt told the WOOD TV station that Smith is expected to be arraigned on the felony charges later in the day.

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