Aussie teens’ ‘Buffy’ obsession sparks a new way to love

AUSTRALIA’S first ever BABY LOVE APP is here!

Aussie teen Amber Aitken has created a beautiful new way for teens to connect with each other and their parents.

 Amber Aitkanen’s app, BabyLove, is now available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices and it’s a great way for young people to reconnect with their parents, grandparents, siblings and best friends.

“When you’re growing up, you never really know who you have to have in your life,” Amber told The Huffington Post Australia.

The app, which has now been downloaded more than 1 million times, allows users to share their favourite pictures and videos, and to share personalised messages, with their friends.

The app is also designed to make it easier for parents to meet their children, whether through the app, a chat or an email.

Amber said she had been using the app for three years before she created it.

It was her first app and she knew that there was an opportunity to make a real difference for parents.

“I wanted to help parents make their relationships more meaningful and connect more with their kids.

It was also a way to give them the ability to get to know their kids better,” she said.”

We wanted to give parents the ability not just to share photos and videos but to talk to them about it and understand what they like about their child, and really help them to bond.”

BabyLove was created by Amber and her partner, Sarah, to help young people who are struggling with loneliness.

As parents of young people, Sarah and Amber said they were able to find some of their child’s favourite places and places to spend time.

She said that the app was “absolutely” a life-changing experience for them both.

“Being able to be there and to have a conversation with them was so important for us to have that,” Sarah said.

They said the app had helped their teenage children become “much more confident” and “much happier” than they had been previously.

“They’ve become much more self-confident,” Sarah added.

Sarah said the experience had been “really rewarding” and helped her teenage son become more independent and to be able to “go on holiday”.

“We feel a lot more connected as a family now.

We’re just a family again,” Sarah continued.

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Amber has been sharing the app with her friends, including her mother and younger brother, since its launch.

On her website, Amber said she hopes that BabyLove will help young Australians become “one of the most valuable and connected families in the world”.

“As parents, we know that we need to be our kids’ primary point of contact in their lives,” she added.

“And that’s why we wanted to do something that would give them a way of connecting with each and every one of their closest friends.”

BabyLove is also available on the Facebook page of the Australian Psychological Society, and Amber says she plans to share more content from the app to the society.

Baby Love is a collaboration between Amber and Sarah.

Follow Sarah on Twitter.

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